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Flights From Los Angeles To London

Cheap Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to London (LON)

Travel plans on your mind to London in the United Kingdom and looking for airfare deals that don't exceed your budget? If your answer is yes, then Fareferry won't disappoint you in providing you with the best value on Los Angeles to London flight. Even if you're going on a business trip or a vacation, Fareferry has plenty of options in Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to London available at all times.

You can reap the benefit of the lowest cost tickets and make reservations for your Flights from LAX to LON very quickly by logging into You can make very easy comparisons for all the prices for the LAX to LON flights taking place on the internet.

Something about London

"London is like a smoky pearl set in a circle of emeralds." WILLIAM HENRY RIDEING

A megalopolis city, London has an extraordinaire blend of contemporary and modern era attractions which travelers from any part of the world find hard to miss! It’s the world’s financial powerhouse with splendid architecture seen from every nook and corner of the city. Situated on the River Thames; The London Eye, the Natural History Museum, and Buckingham Palace have been the iconic landmarks of the city of London. If you love shopping, then flagship stores of London city are hard to beat anywhere in the world.

What Fareferry recommends

The city with a rich cultural heritage has a plethora of attractions that have been tailor-made to fit in with aesthetics encompassing London's architecture. If you happen to visit the city of London for the first time and are confused about what to see or what to leave, then the following attractions will help you decide very easily:

London Eye: The colossal Ferris wheel should be the Numero Uno spot as you get the spectacular bird's eye view of London and its majestic skyline. Inaugurated in the year 1999, this 443-feet tall grand observatory is the desired paid tourist attraction spot in the whole of Europe.

Buckingham Palace: One look at this classic architectural splendor, you'll gauge the political and tourist significance of Buckingham Palace. Built-in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, visitors will love the feel of well-maintained far-spreading palace grounds.

British Museum: Who could've imagined a place with eight million artifacts and memorabilia related to human development and civilization in the heart of the city? Yes, the British Museum has been dedicated to the natural history of art, culture, and civilization, and this museum has been globally ranked the third most significant of all time.

Stonehenge: Believed to be built from 3000 BC to 2000 BC, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument regarded as the British cultural icon. This UNESCO World Heritage monument attracts travelers even those who don't have an interest in history because of its unprecedented history.

When to Travel to London

The appropriate time to travel to the city of London is from March through May as the day temperatures are moderate and the parks are full of greenery and efflorescent. If you miss seeing the mystical city at this time, plan for late spring & early summer, which is also prime tourist season.

And no matter in which month you travel, you should carry an umbrella as showers can come any time and all year round. You're most likely to encounter chilly weather in December and London is an incredible place to spend vacations whether in the season or off it.

How to get around the London

The convenient way to move around the city of London is the rapid-transit London underground or popularly known as 'the Tube'. You can buy the 'Oyster Card', which can be used in other modes of transportation as well such as city buses. Let's explore the ways which help you to move around the city of London:

Tube: Having the most extensive routes within the city and to the nearest counties, the Tube connects most tourist attractions. You can choose from a variety of Oyster Cards available for visitors to the town, which help to save precious dollars spent on the fare.

Bus: The lure to travel by bus is to see the sights and appreciate the historical view of London. Many bus routes cover London city and run round the clock every day. You can use your Oyster card to pay for the fare as most of them don't accept cash.

Rail: London Overground has many routes and easily connects all the other modes of public transportation. The London Trams connect parts of the south of London and the famous Wimbledon. Trams have the same fares as the buses and provide a lovely in-the-city travel experience.

Taxis and Rental Cars: The ever famous London Black cabs can be found everywhere, and you can also spot them at busy train stations, airports, and hotels. Please stay clear of unlicensed cabs as they can be dangerous. 

Heathrow Airport, in London City, is Europe's largest airport and the world's second-busiest international airport in terms of international passenger movement, with services available from most major airports all over the globe.

Places to stay in London.

The attractions of London are in far corners of the city and if you've planned to visit most of the interests, then base yourself in the central portion of the town. Here are a few of the eminently rated hotels in London:

Luxury Hotels: 'The Goring' and the 'Langham' are very close to Buckingham Palace and play host to many celebrities from all over the world. If you love staying in historic buildings, you can choose to stay in the 'Ritz-Carlton', famous for its tea.

Mid-Range Hotels: Right over the Victoria Station, 'The Clermont, Victoria' is an excellent property to stay in the city of London and if you wish to remain close to British Museum then 'The Montague on the Gardens' and 'The Bloomsbury Hotel London' are pretty good options.

Travel Tips for London

Staying in Central London: You can choose to stay in cheap accommodations outside the city center, but the cost of traveling into the city is very high and takes a lot of time. If you choose to stay in Central London, it'll save money on transportation, and you'll take fewer days to visit the attractions you intend to cover while being in the city.

Visit London's free attractions: London may be an expensive city, but few attractions can be visited free of charge. Some of them are the Natural History Museum, British Museum, London's parks, and the change of guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Use of Public Transport and Oyster Card: If you need to travel quickly, don't worry, the public transportation system is quite efficient. You'll love the experience of traveling in the red double-decker buses, and the view of the city is memorable on a sunny day. Take an Oyster Card as most public transport doesn't accept cash.

Eating like the British: Check out traditional Fish & Chips in places where the locals eat. You can find many economical options for salads and sandwiches and take them to parks for a picnic. British people love to have afternoon tea, and this experience is a must while being in London.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flights from Los Angeles to London

Q. How much time do the flights take to travel from Los Angeles to London?

A. The average flight time taken by a flight from Los Angeles to London is around 11 hours and 25 minutes.

Q. What is the distance between Los Angeles to London airport?

A. The flight distance between Los Angeles to London airport is 5,470 miles.

Q. Can I change the departure date of my flight from Los Angeles to London?

A. Yes, our expert agents can change your departure date for the Los Angeles to London flight route as most airlines allow date change, but there might be a fee for it.

Q. May I know the cheapest day to fly from Los Angeles to London?

A. The cheapest day for LAX to LON flights is Tuesday.

Q. What if I exceed the free baggage weight allowance for the Los Angeles to London flight?

A. If the baggage exceeds the allowance weight, the airline may charge some fees for the excess baggage at the time of check-in for the Los Angeles to London Flight.


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