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Rome Flights

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About Rome (ROM)

Rome is the capital city of Italy and has shared a history that spans over 28 centuries. With amazing archaeological and roman charm, tourism sector of Rome is one the most important commerce of Italy. Rome is the second most visited destination in the European Union. Rome has the most number of monuments in the world giving you many reasons to visit this Leisure City. Enroll yourself with the real power of Rome. Don’t be doubtful about your travel plans. Just Rome it already. We at FareFerry will make sure that nothing comes between you and Rome. With our last minute deals to Rome, you will not find it hard not to choose Rome for a perfect vacation.

Planning Your Rome Trip

Rome showcases the attributes of Italian art, culture, and architecture all in a strikingly influential manner exhausting. The History dating back to more than 300 centuries, Rome is the best city to witness preserved Roman ruins and monuments. Get fascinated by the gorgeous features of Roman architecture, astonishing culture, and Italian charm. Grab the best flight deals to Rome with FareFerry and grab incredible discounts on even last minute flights.


One of the world’s largest amphitheater, this magnificent stone, and concrete monuments was built between the year of 72 A.D and 80 A.D. The monuments has nearly 80 entrances and a seating capacity of fifty thousand spectators. Earlier in this very Amphitheatre, the gladiator combats use to have taken place. Even though natural calamities have destroyed the structure into half throughout centuries, it is still one of the popular tourist sites in Italy.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is a spectacular fountain situated at the Trevi district of Rome. It is said that no trip to Rome is ever completed without visiting this magnificent fountain. Being one of the oldest water sources in Rome, this very fountain provided water for bath and other households’ work to the Roman citizens. Interesting fact about the fountain is that is made from the same material that has been used to make the Colosseum. It is also believed that wishing something in this fountain and dropping a coin can make your wishes come true and guess what? It’s illegal to fish out coins from the fountain making your wishes completely safe.

Roman Forum

This impressive drape of Roman ruins is an ancient exhibit of Roman governmental buildings at the very center of Rome. This beautiful forum has a fascinating history to share to its tourist with fantastic architecture and statues. With an absolute and vibrant atmosphere, one can get back in time to relish the true roman beauty. Let’s not forget to mention that the forum is one of the most visited destinations in the world.

Airport Transportation

The international and major airport connecting Rome is the Rome - Fiumicino International Airport and is also the busiest airport of Italy. It is tagged as the 47th busiest airport in the world. The airport connects many of the European cities with the Italian Peninsula. The airport is the primary hub of Alitalia airlines. The airport is approximately 22 miles away from the central town of Rome and has four terminals, i.e. 1, 2, 3, and 5. Public transportation such as bus, car rentals, metro, trams, and trains are available from the airport. Note that there are six tram lines operated in Rome, Line 2, 3, 5, 8, 14, and 19. The timings for tram services begins from 5.30am to 00.00am. Rome metro services are called Metropolitana. The two metro lines nearest to the Rome- Fiumicino International Airport are the Line A: Red and Line B: Blue Line. To access the metro, buses and train services has to be taken. White and Yellow taxis could easily be spotted outside of the airport. Book airline tickets to Rome with FareFerry and gets discounted rates on all airline tickets to Rome.

Book Flight Tickets to Rome

Grab low cost flights to Rome and open unlimited possibilities to witness the most beautiful city of Rome like never before. There isn’t any particular season or time to visit Rome, because this city is just fantastic throughout the year. Rome is the best Italian place to explore every magnitude of tourism. Airline reservations to Rome are in demand throughout the year thanks to the fantastic weather and archeological sites. FareFerry lets you book flight tickets to Rome with multiple airline options enabling you to find the cheapest flight deals to Rome based on your journey requirements. Rome is well connected from most of the major airports of the US making your travel very flexible.

Near By Cities To Rome

Excited to visit Rome soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Rome awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Rome, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Rome journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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