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10 Budget Friendly Places to Stay around Seattle

Well, most of us are aware of the fact, Seattle has been heeded as one of the most splurging cities to live in but travelers here have figured out a unique set of attractions that are pretty budget friendly. You will be filled with awe on discovering on how easy it had been find sights that became memorable for life and hadn’t cost us nothing or very little. Travelers won’t forget the memorable weekends spent as day trips to the mountains, strolling around the neighborhoods of Seattle, or even just grabbing a coffee in the marketplace to name a few amongst plenty to enjoy Seattle on a budget without feeling like you’re missing out on any of the fun. 

Strolling inside the Discovery Park

Discovery Park

The views of water and the Olympic Mountains in the background will leave you amazed every time you chose to visit this prodigious park of Seattle. It’s unimaginable being so close to the city and how lush and tranquil the park can be. With pretty amazing sunsets, you should grab a blanket, pack yourselves a picnic, and make plans to enjoy a nice afternoon inside the Discovery Park. You’ll love the nature experience of the park by walking the Loop Trail to the South Beach to the lighthouse. Remember to park at the South Parking Lot so as to have the best experience of the Discovery Park.

Visit the Seattle Museums for free!

Seattle Museums

Innovative ways exist to enjoy the few of the Seattle’s museums without paying a single cent out of the pocket. For the locals of Seattle, the library offers the chance for getting free tickets to nearly 15 different museums. Visitors can make reservations for the tickets in advance and make note of all the rules that apply. If you’re a non-local, don’t lose heart as few of the museums such as Seattle Art Museum and Museum of Flight have saved one day in a month where anyone can enjoy the museum free of charge. Remember to have an early check-in on specific dates as queues get longer and you’ve only limited spots to fill in. 

Relish the peerless view of the city at Kerry Park

Kerry Park

Kerry Park has the finest views of Seattle and is more often the venue for social gathering in Seattle. Visitors may find the Space Needle as pretty impeccable, but the park offers some of the amazing views of the attractions in the city; check out the downtown, the Puget Sound, and even the Mount Rainier tends to be visible on a clear day. Squeal this magnificent view every time the weather is clear and you just need to walk up to the park.

Beach Bonfires are impeccable!

Beach Bonfires

Alki Beach and Golden Gardens have designated bonfire pits which you can chose to reserve to have an awesome night at the beach. These pits are offered to visitors on first-come, first-serve basis and trust us, the pits bottom-out very fast. Bonfires is one of few activities that should be enjoyed with friends and family together and they don’t cost much. Visitors should plan ahead and make reservation to celebrate at the designated bonfire pits only and not everywhere else at the beach. 


Eat and celebrate your way through Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Renowned to be the biggest tourist attraction in Seattle, Pike Place Market offers an array of fun activities for all its visitors. You can find here hundreds of vendors selling food, flowers, fish, crafts, & more and we’re sure you can easily spend hours walking and seeing everything it has to offer. The food here is delicious and you’ll love to visit the Pike Place Market many times. We’re sure you can pick certain go-to-food spots that offer relishing food to eat to visit multiple times and enjoy your budgeted vacation. 

Standing for Local Vendors at the Farmers Market

Farmers Market Seattle

The neighborhoods of Seattle are unique and adorable for the fact each one has its own farmers market. Visitors to these markets can buy fresh groceries and even look to store food purchased from these markets for days of the trip to Seattle. These extraordinary farmers market are organized on different days of the week as per the day decided for the neighborhood and each one has different vendors to check out. It’s the Seattle Neighborhoods Farmers Markets that holds the lion’s share in the farmer’s market, but you should check out Queen Anne too, which is the only independent farmers market in Seattle!

Don’t forget to visit the Ballard Locks

Ballard Locks

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks or popularly known as the Ballard Locks is a waterway system that binds the saltwater of the Puget Sound to the fresh water of the Ship Canal, that sits about 20 feet above sea level. All the Boats enter the locks, the gates close and the water rises or falls to the level of the destination waterway. Observing the boats pass through the locks, along with exploring the 7 acres of botanical gardens and searching for fish on the fish ladder is fun and budgeted entertainment that draws locals and tourists alike. It’s an incredible sight to look out for and you can even see salmon migrate from June through September and there is a botanical garden also here to explore for visitors.

Discover the Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula, as described by the visitors who’ve been there, is a gem amongst all Washington State’s attractions. The multiple rainforests, the ocean, snow covered mountain peaks, the meandering rivers, and deep lakes, it’s probably the most diverse place in Washington! If you’re looking for a long day trip or weekend trip, depending upon the what you plan to do, a visit to the Olympic Peninsula is a great and can be extremely cheap or free! Checkout for the ideas on how to spend a weekend, or you can just choose couple of attractions for a fun-filled day trip to the Olympic Peninsula. 

Enjoying the Ferry ride to Bainbridge


Washington is a huge state and is home to more than 172 islands and one of the closest ones to the city of Seattle is Bainbridge. It'll take not more than just 35 minutes, take a ferry ride from downtown Seattle that brings you to the quaint little Winslow area of Bainbridge, home to bakeries, shops, and parks. It depends if you wish to hop over to Bainbridge for a breakfast or spend the whole day, taking the ferry to this peaceful island is always a blast and the views from the ferry are too hard to beat!

Plan for a hike at Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

The most unsurpassable experience when you visit the Seattle city is the Mount Rainier. This huge peak is always visible on the clear days from all parts of Seattle and will attract you towards itself as it is so majestic. Visitors can explore this majestic peak in several ways, including hikes outside of the park with great views, popularly known as Naches Peak Loop, even the hikes within the park like Tolmie Peak, admiring her from the visitor centers, snowshoeing in the winter, and so much more!